Invest in Brazil: from ship construction to health care, the opportunities missed by Italy

Mar 1, 2016

Invest in Brazil with GM Venture. In this article, Dr Messana talks about the recent acquisitions and investments of European and American companies in the Brazilian territory. The sectors that demonstrate great opportunities have been occupied by other foreign investors.

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In May, the FIMAR, a fair for the development of the “Sea Economy” between Italy and Brazil, takes place. An opportunity to seize before other countries take advantage.

There is a lot of scaremongering in Italian newspapers. But some analysis of what is happening in Brazil both politically and economically. The risk is to raise many fears to invest, and therefore to lose many opportunities.

What we are witnessing in Brazil is a predominantly political crisis, but it has a very close relationship with the economy. What is missing is a clear perspective, confidence in imminent change.

Although, all the scandals that have happened recently, primarily the depletion of the state-owned company Petrobras, have served to give transparency in Brazil.

Judge Sergio Moro, a scholar and admirer of the Italian operation Mani Pulite, was able to patiently wait for the reconstruction of the schemes of corruption, bribery and rigged contracts until he was able to arrest, not the second lines. But, the presidents of the largest Brazilian companies close to the government. And a few days ago, he summoned the former President of the Republic Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Markets and the exchange rate reacted immediately.

When I say that it is a topic of perspective, it is enough to look at Argentina. In the economy, the outlook is better than the facts. Until a few months ago, Argentina had a higher risk premium (CDS) than Brazil. Now, as Mauricio Marci has taken office as the new President and the World believes that Argentina can improve, conditions have become more favourable.

Opportunities in Brazil

With the Reais-Dollaro exchange rate rising to more than 4, there are many investment opportunities in Brazil. But it is annoying to see that those who take advantage of this unique moment are for the most part European, or foreign companies in general while the Italian ones are timider and remain empty-handed.

UBM’s Brits have quietly bought the Hospitalar Fair, which revolves around the world of health, for at least 30 million euros, although the data has not officially disclosed.

The French Print Clipping for the exclusive use of the recipient, non-reproducible has made various acquisitions. Such as the L’Oreal that bought Niely Cosméticos, manufacturer of non-premium shampoos, and with a turnover of 130 million euros. Edenred (French), closed a deal this month with Brazilian ticket restaurant company Embratec, investing around 200 million euros. A transaction that comes after that six months ago in which another French, UP, had bought Planvale, a company that billed 400 million euros while representing just 1.5% of the market share in Brazil on this segment of Ticket Restaurant, good fuels and benefits in general.

The sectors that are growing, in the face of a recession, are digital security, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. On the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sector, the French Unither Pharmaceuticals, which specialize in making unit dosages for pharmaceutical companies such as single-dose eye drops, took over 100% of Mariol and immediately announced the creation of a new ad hoc production line of about 10 million reais.

To mention other countries, the Swedes of Assa Bloy bought, with closing done almost on New Year’s Eve, 100% of a historical company, of an Italian descendency, Papaiz and Udinese, known in chains and locks department. Spaniards have entered the field of communication agencies. In November, the Chinese bought 24% of a smaller airline, Azul, for 425 million dollars.

Not to mention the Americans. You lose the account of the transactions if you only observe the month of December 2015. Some groups have hardly done the thorough due diligence given the convenience and interest in the closing business in a few days. In December Alphaeon bought Rocol hospital, Devry Education bought the prestigious IBMEC University, General Mills took over Carolina (yoghurt). A week ago I discovered that just before Christmas the modern Samaritan hospital was sold to United Health for 330 million dollars.

What about Italy?

It’s okay that the Gavio group has joined the co-control of the Ecorodovias highways recently, but a swallow does not spring. The Italian reality made up of medium-sized enterprises, and these are missing a unique opportunity to enter, at very affordable asset prices, on a good and large market like Brazil.

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