IDMC and GM Venture sign partnership to launch the London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE program in Sao Paulo.

Dec 10, 2018

GM Venture, a consultancy and management company in Brazil, and IDMC – Institute for Capital Market Development will implement the ELITE program in Sao Paulo, which promotes the development and growth of Brazilian SMEs through mergers and acquisitions and access to the capital market.

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IDMC, Elite’s exclusive partner, an international business development support and financial resource raising program created by the Italian Stock Exchange Group and GM Venture sign partnerships to develop the project on Sao Paulo.

IDMC and GM Venture will work together to implement and promote the ELITE program in Sao Paulo. As part of Elite’s global network, aims to fortify the business environment, fueling the growth of medium and large enterprises of Sao Paulo, through the implementation of mergers and acquisitions, and access to the capital market. The goal is to launch the first group of Paulista companies as early as 2019 that will participate in the program.

Paulo Angelo Carvalho de Souza, CEO, IDMC:

“Having devoted more than a decade to strengthen the environment and capital market culture in Minas Gerais, IDMC considers the partnership with GM Venture a primordial step for the nationalization of the Elite Brasil program. The launch of Elite is a revolution in how Brazilian middle market companies will be supported in their development, growth and preparation for capital market access, decisively impacting the country’s economic development.

As Italy is the leading Elite market in the world having IDMC alongside GM Venture, that has extensive experience in commercial and investment relations between Brazil and Italy. This association is a considerable contribution to the integration of Elite Brazil in the international community to take full advantage of all the opportunities present in the program.”

Graziano Messana, managing partner GM VENTURE:

“GM Venture has been a company that has been operating in Sao Paulo since 2006 and manages the interests of more than 30 foreign subsidiaries that have invested in Brazil directly taking care of all the financial and management aspects. We realize that these companies that we administer have a competitive factor compared to local businesses because they access a low cost of money, as the support of their foreign parent homes. Participating in the ELITE program can provide Brazilian companies with alternative sources of funding to local ones and open up scenarios for extraordinary operations with foreign groups, allowing them rapid growth combined with training and guidance. We are glad to have closed this agreement with IDMC, and believe that this program of the Italian Stock Exchange – LSE Group is disruptive in a market, such as Brazil, where the cost of money is so high.”

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