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Oct 4, 2019

In this article, Mr Graziano Messana, explains the importance of the Embassy’s Doing Business Guide, as a tool for development and how to deal with Brazil by SMEs.

The Italian entrepreneurs could have a quick and straightforward reference tool for their strategic decisions concerning business in Brazil.

Find out more about business opportunities in Brazil here.

The first operational guide to doing business has been edited, knowing all the financial instruments and growth opportunities

Have you ever thought about Brazil? If you have done something, today you have an extra tool: The Doing Business Guide in Brazil Italian entrepreneurial presence, mapping of opportunities and strategy of entry to the market. The publication, wanted by Ambassador Antonio Bernardini, was carried out with the internal coordination of the economic office in the person of Carlo Jacobucci and Graziano Messana, Managing Partner of GM Venture. They also collaborated with KPMG on the project and qualified members of the Italian System in Brazil. Assuming that many Italian companies in recent years have chosen to invest in Brazil, helping to create a numerically and qualitatively important business fabric, the decision to edit a new guide (250 pages) has been initiated (the latest version of which dates back to 2013) with a structure more focused on the geographical and sectoral opportunities present in Brazil. Today there are about a thousand Italian companies present in the South American market, with a growth of more than 20%.

Italian companies present in Brazil – percentage by region

According to data recently published by the Brazilian Ministry of Economy, in 2018, Italy became the main investor among the countries that signed a memorandum of understanding on the facilitation of investments (United States, China, Japan, France). In terms of quality, Italian companies have now taken a leading role in this market in strategic sectors for the Brazilian economy, such as energy, telecommunications, steel, highways and automotive production. Examples such as Enel and FCA, which have positioned themselves as market leaders, have attracted an important inducement of Italian SMEs that have found in Brazil the opportunity for international growth. Luxottica in 2017 took over a chain of more than 1,000 stores, positioning itself in a very important way.

“The purpose of the new version of the guide, in e-book format, is to offer Italian entrepreneurs a simple and rapid consultation tool and, at the same time, concretely useful for their strategic decisions within Brazilian markets,” said Graziano Messana, Managing Partner of GM Venture. Also, this guide has been enriched by financing tools to support investments in Brazil, instruments from both Italian entities such as Simest and SACE and Brazilian institutions.

The business opportunities that Brazil offers are not only measured by the political positions of the government or the synthetic indicator called PI L but must be evaluated from a medium and long-term perspective and in greater legal certainty of the system. Compliance has significantly increased, which is why recently, a private platform such as Elite Borsa Italiana or public such as SACE has shown a strong interest in the Brazilian market, which has financed two large operations in the mining and chemical area in favor of Italian companies supplying these sectors.

“The hope is that this guide will offer companies increasingly looking towards international markets concrete incentives to learn more about Brazil and the business opportunities it offers,” Messana adds. “This country has a potential that is not fully understood. Many Italian entrepreneurs could consider landing in these markets with interest, the size of which allows planning growths in very significant revenues”.

Graziano Messana, economist and entrepreneur, has a long-standing experience in start-ups, general management and corporate reorganization processes and M&A. Graduated with praise in Economics at LUISS in Rome, he previously worked in the Italian Commercial Bank (Luxembourg) and was a partner in the merchant bank Electa SpA, where he contributed to the realization of extraordinary critical operations. In 2006 he moved to Sao Paulo, founding GM Venture. He is Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo (the most important of the South American country) and lecturer at the Luiss Business School He is a frequent speaker in international events and workshops on Brazil. He was recently appointed Knight of the Italian Republic.

Original article in Italian.

Learn more about the launch of the Brazil Investment Guide here.


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