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Dec 2, 2019

In this article for the newspaper QN il Resto del Carlino, Mr. Graziano Messana talks a bit about the presence of Italian companies in Brazil and the investment of large companies such as FIAT and ENEL in their Brazilian subsidiaries.

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There are 166 branches of Emilia-Romagna and Marche in the South American Country. Messana (GM Venture): significant development opportunities

By Giuseppe Catapano

“There are great opportunities for Italian companies, specially Emilia-Romagna and Marche, in Brazil.” Graziano Messana knows that country well, and not just because he has lived there since 2006. Economist and entrepreneur, 13 years ago, moved to Sao Paulo, founded GM Venture, a company that provides interim managers and consulting services to foreign companies that invest in Brazil. Vice-president of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in San Paolo and lecturer at the Luiss Business School is often a speaker at international events and workshops on the South American country. One is scheduled for Tuesday in Bologna (auditorium in the Region, from 14.30) a road-show that will also include Milan, Rome, and Naples. “New business opportunities: a political-economic update and a complete legal guide”, the title of the meeting dedicated to those with overseas horizons.

GM Venture – explains Messana, from San Paolo – is a travel companion of companies. Let us be clear, our task is not to lure Italian companies to come here, at all costs. We warn against possible risks or obstacles and, if we find contraindications, we highlight them. But there are plenty of business opportunities “There are 972 Italian companies that have opened branches in Brazil: of these, 166 are Emilia-Romagna or Marche. The most important companies are Barilla, Ima, Sacmi, Bonfiglioli and Datalogic, as well as Granarolo, Segafredo, Faac, Panini, Kerakoll, Scm, Technogym and Pieralisi. While GM Venture boasts customers of the caliber – among others – of Eataly, Illy, Cucinelli, Venchi and De Cecco.

“The opportunities for development – Messana observes – are noteworthy. Not only for large companies, but also for small-medium enterprises. Regions such as Emilia Romagna and Marche are rich in excellence and in various sectors, from automotive to mechanics, and agribusiness. Enel has become the first energy distribution company and also the first in renewable energy, in Brazil, with an impressive investment plan: some thirty Italian SMEs are following its wake “.

Fiat has also announced investments of 4 billion euros, “there are around 80 Italian companies involved in the automotive sector and this plan will create even more business for Italian companies. We will also talk about this in the Bologna meeting”. GM Venture offers services for foreign companies not yet present in Brazil (from market research to the definition of the business model, to the hiring of managers with positions of administrator, prosecutor or director) and for production companies already present in South America (including services administrative, accounting and financial management). “The country – Messana continues – has had a great growth, then a difficult period and now it is recovering. The first year of the new government has borne fruit, there are several reform projects underway “.

Original article in Italian.

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