Open a business in Brazil: Liberty from London opens a branch in Brazil

Jul 1, 2012

In the article, Graziano Messana comments on the benefits that Liberty had when he opened his branch in Brazil, such as reducing costs.

See also what is the advantage of opening a business in Brazil, here.

A traditional manufacturer of refined fabrics in London, Liberty Art Fabrics has opened an office in São Paulo to gain agility and cost savings in serving Brazilian clothing brands. The company is the textile arm of the Liberty London group, acquired two years ago by the BlueGem fund, which brings together investments from wealthy families in Europe, for 43 million pounds (US$66.3 million).

The company is currently going through a phase of globalization. Outside the old continent, Brazil is liberty art fabrics’ third own operation, which also settled in Japan and the United States. Managing director of the brand in the country, Graziano Messana says that three years ago Liberty Art Fabrics already exported some of its products to Brazil. The fabrics came readily from Europe. Now, with the local operation of the brand, the products will arrive here semi-finished. “The prints it is going be printed with a selected Brazilian partner,” says the executive.

In this way, Messana explains, Liberty Art Fabrics can reduce the delivery time of orders from three to one month. For now, the brand deals with brands such as Le Lis Blanc, Noir, Le Lis, Dudalina, Carlos Miele, A Brand and Tyrol, always offering exclusive products. Worldwide, the company supplies brands such as Oscar de La Renta, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermés and Luis Vuitton (men’s line), says Messana.

The costs to bring the products to Brazil reduced. “We started to bring the fabrics on a larger scale, diluting logistics expenses. Also, there is a tax saving because it is a product not yet finished”, he says.

Last year, liberty London’s total turnover, which owns a traditional 70,000 square metre store on Regent Street in London was €130 million. Liberty Art Fabrics, which sold 7 million meters of fabrics in the period, accounted for about half of total gross sales. The other part came from products from the company’s brand, Liberty of London, which is on the label of ties, shirts, scarves and cushions.

For now, in Brazil, the company is marketing two types of fabric: silk and “Tana Lawn”, the flagship of the brand that represents 70% of its revenues. “The texture looks like silk, but it has the strength of cotton, which is Egyptian,” explains Messana.

All prints created in London. Currently, the company has a catalogue of 43,000 drawings produced since 1875, the year of the foundation, but the number of options is growing. According to Messana, the group is studying the possibility of opening stores in Brazil to sell more products from its portfolio but is still looking for local partners to make this project viable.

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