Italian companies in Brazil: The Made in Italy lands in Brazil

Oct 17, 2013

In this article, we can see the Italian companies in Brazil, which are betting on the samba country, despite the economic indicators. Because with the right partnership in your investment, the complications of the country dissolve and allow a great commercial opportunity.

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The challenge to conquer Brazil makes proselytes. And it starts again with the Ducati and National Geographic brands, but also Armani: they will debut with their stores in the airports of the State of Sao Paulo. A consortium of Italian entrepreneurs has decided to attempt the South American road and the conditions for doing it are all there. The CEO of the Italian initiative, Marco Passoni, the manager who introduced and managed duty-free goods in Italy, and Rudolph Gentile, former board member of the Meridiana airline, as well as current majority shareholder of the company recently landed in Piazza Affari, Safe Bag. With a small initial investment of ‘million reais (330 thousand euros), have founded a newco in Brazil, which has its mission in its name: Global Retailers Brasil. Their intentions will intercept the shopping desire of those waiting for the plane in this corner of the world. To succeed, they hired Graziano Messana, who had been permanently in São Paulo for years, as managing director of GM Venture, a consultancy company he founded himself, appointing him CEO. “Because Brazil is not a country for beginners,” Messana tells the world from her office a few steps from Avenida Paulista, the Fifth Avenue of the largest metropolis in the southern hemisphere. Here you need a sense of business and a lot. But above all, you need to invest experience, company and perseverance to juggle the South American pitfalls. Or, as Messana jokes, “he does not bite and flee, if not passing through a churrascaria”.

The context

What is certain is that “despite the economic indicators, which paint a still growing Brazil, those who have the intention of landing here, with an entrepreneurial dream in their pocket, must do so taking into account the opportunities, but above all the weak mentality with which will have to compare, ” continues Messana. “Everyone can come to this country to have fun, to drink coconut water, and they are welcome, but let’s forget that doing business is just as easy.” The number one risk is that of getting lost among the thousand quibbles imposed by the green-gold legislature and in the delays that follow. So, the temptation to take the first aero to go home is around the corner. Not for him in recent years has he accompanied the interests of various groups such as Bisazza, Fiera Milano, Full Six, of private equity funds, as well as helping fifteen Italian companies to start their own business. Now the names are changing, but the desire to do it remains the same.


Global Retailer Brazil will manage the brands for merchandising, mainly at the airports, of Ducati, National Geographic, Armani, for which the type of line is being defined. In Brazil, he will find fertile ground for his development plan. Just take a tour of the main airports that orbit around San Paolo to understand immediately that you are walking in a sea of ​​opportunities. Here the shopping citadels at Heathrow and Hong Kong airports, and again in Singapore and New York, are all to be built. “We are opening the first store at Viracopos airport. We only had one month to get the import license, hire retail managers and staff, prepare everything to be operational. ” Messana resumes. The roadmap foresees the opening of four other stores by May 2014. Then the expansion will be all-round in Brazil, ranging from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia. Because there is no credit crisis that tends to crack the desire for made in Italy, at least in the country of samba.

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