Opportunities for Italian SMEs: Elite lands in the new Brazil to get the SME off the ground

Apr 10, 2019

In an interview with the newspaper, Mr Graziano Messana talks about the launch event of the ELITE program in Brazil, promoted by Ambassador Antonio Bernardini, which aims to develop small and medium-sized enterprises by ensuring financial solutions more accessible than those currently available in the country. A great opportunity also for Italian SMEs, see more about SMEs in Brazil here.

Graziano Messana statement: I am proud to follow the project Elite Borsa Italiana, LSE Group, in Brazil.

Goal: take advantage of the Bolsonaro effect on the economy Tomorrow the meeting in Sao Paulo with 215 local companies

Elite, the Italian Stock Exchange program dedicated to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, it lands in the new Brazil of Jair Bolsonaro. Tomorrow the stock exchange circuit in support of the growth and capital raising of the SME arrives in Sao Paulo, the financial capital of Brazil with an event opened by Ambassador Antonio Bernardini in which 215 local companies will participate. The initiative is promoted by Gm Venture, a consulting and management company that, since 2006, supports Italian investments in the country.

In 2017 the Italian Stock Exchange platform crossed the target of a thousand member companies, which only 650 companies are Italian. They also had announced the signing of an agreement with the Instituto Mineiro de Mercado de Capitais and Federation of Industries of the State of Minas Gerais for the launch of the program in Brazil. But, because of the country’s worst economic and political crisis at the time, the initiative had not developed in the desired direction.

However, the advent of the new government in January with a liberal economic policy makes this the ideal time for a new launch of Elite in Brazil. And in just a few months, the Bolsonaro executive has launched, among other things, a privatisation programme that is expected to cover 29 ports and 34 aeroports and is carrying out economic reforms that make Brazil attractive again to investors. The proof is in the numbers: “The credit default swap, which measures the risk of bankruptcy attributed to a single country, has almost halved”, explains Messana, falling from about 300 to 170.

The problem now is to raise capital to support the expansion of the individual economy of the country. In this scenario, Elite aims to ensure solutions that are more accessible than those currently available in Brazil.

“For a Brazilian company, in particular for an SME, the access to the Elite program means the possibility of access to an immense network of financial and industrial contacts to secure a range of financing opportunities that it would not otherwise have”. Continues Messana: “Brazil has just emerged from the worst economic crisis that the country has ever experienced. In this scenario, the available capital is offered, with exorbitant financing rates. As an example, a company to discount a future gets to spend 4% per month”. The entry into the Borsa programme could open the doors to industrial partnerships, capital entry and the issuance of financial instruments for international stakeholders, all those SME not structured enough to speak directly worldwide to look for solutions to their growth needs.

Original article in Italian.

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