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Sep 20, 2017

GM Venture helps companies that have foreign investments or want to invest in Brazil. In all these years with a solid portfolio, we have the know-how to help companies achieve success in the country. Confirm an interview with our General Manager, Graziano Messana, talking about Brazil, the best sectors to invest and Italian investments.

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Renowned clients such as Eataly, Brunello Cuccinelli, Venchi as well as large companies such as Fiera Milano and Azimut, served by GM Venture, are icons of the true Made in Italy concept. With such an important portfolio and with this precious know-how, talking to Graziano Messana always allows us to discover interesting information and receiving a clear vision of the evolution of this country.

IESP – Who do you deal with on a day to day basis and what are the main challenges?

Graziano Messana – Knowing how to deal with the specificities of Brazil is a differential that can determine the success or failure of local operations. Brazil is a complex country with many bureaucratic challenges for companies. When we founded GM Venture in 2006 we were aiming to help foreign companies overcome these barriers through an innovative business model while delivering excellent services. We ended up fulfilling this role and consequently manage these companies successfully.

IESP – How do you develop your management skills ?

GM – We act today as an outsourced structure, being able to perform the duties of an administrative-financial director on behalf of the foreign parent company or acting as legal representative. This ensures complete control of local operations. We have created a single point of contact for foreign executives, enabling efficiency gains and creating value, as well as minimizing risks. International operators can thus focus on their core business.

IESP – Are you restricted to any specific sector?

GM – We have expertise in managing companies operating in different industries, but with the common goal of delivering results and, ultimately, distributing profits to investors.

IESP – How are you seeing Brazil at the moment from the foreign investment point of view?

GM – Brazil has begun to emerge from the crisis; The numbers reflect this. The resumption of growth will be a slow process, but the signs of recovery are very clear and the market expectation is positive. One factor that will determine the consolidation of this perspective is the approval of the reforms in the Congress; This would give an extra boost in the confidence of investors who, little by little, are beginning to look back at Brazil. At GM Venture we have already begun to see a resumption of foreigners’ interest in the Brazilian market in the first half.

IESP – In other words, investors have withdrawn and are now beginning to resume investments in Brazil. Is it time to celebrate?

GM – The crisis was very long and served to show international investors that there are very interesting business opportunities in Brazil, but companies need to be prepared. It really is not a market for beginners. Past the euphoria of the prosperous years of the commodity boom and the two-year frustration of the worst economic downturn in history, the timing is one of more realistic and concrete promises. The companies that present themselves to the Brazilian market are more aware of their complexity and these are the best investments, those that believe in the potential of the country and seek a more long term presence. And Brazil needs this: companies that can bring innovation, technology and quality products.

IESP – Are Italian investments being expected, specifically, here in Brazil?

GM – Italy is an example of this process of a more conservative view. Italian investors have been afraid by Brazil’s political instability in recent years and we have seen a sharp drop in Italian interest in the country. This was fueled by the flood of negative news about the Brazilian economy. A few companies with greater knowledge of the market, and with great determination, continued to invest and could benefit from a time when Brazilian assets were very attractive prices. However, the general trend was to move away. Now with the reversal of trends in the economy, Italian companies are starting to resume their projects and we hope to see more of Made in Italy in Brazil. This relationship between the two countries is a case of success that gives us great pride. Being able to bring Italian expertise, its high quality products and its internationally renowned design to Brazil is a very interesting opportunity.

IESP – Which sectors are the most interesting in your evaluation?

GM – The most interesting sectors are those in which foreign companies can bring innovation and technology to the Brazilian market. These are the sectors in which Brazil is most in need and the potential growth will be greater in the coming years. Likewise, high quality consumer goods continue to have good chances in the country. Brazilians want to consume products that meet their lifestyle, products with design and products with innovative technology.

IESP – And what are the highlights?

GM – Faced with this scenario, some sectors standout such as cosmetics, packaging and renewable energy. In addition, areas of technology such as IT and digital security are also in evidence. Another interesting trend is the startups of Fintech, start-ups of technology in the financial sector. In fact Brazil is today the eighth largest market in the world, according to a recent Deloitte study.



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