GM Venture for doing business in Brazil

GM Venture offers a series of services to support companies that want to s​tart a business in Brazil,​ to help them develop their businesses as much as in the different phases of their life cycle.

Our team of experts will help you with professional advice at every step of your way: from starting your company, to administrative, financial, and accounting support.

GM Venture also supports both foreign companies that are not yet present in Brazil, and foreign companies that are already present in Brazil.

Invest in Brazil

Brazil is recognized worldwide as one of the most complex countries in terms of legal and tax requirements. This material was produced in order to summarize the main characteristics that the foreign investor must know in order to​ invest in Brazil.​

GM Venture recap three simple steps that the foreign investor must know in order to doing business in Brazil:

  • know the main types of businesses;
  • learn about taxation in Brazil;
  • flows into and out of Brazil.

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Why invest in Brazil

Why invest in Brazil?​ As we know, Brazil is the sixth largest economic power in the world.

During 2011 there was a further rise of Brazil in the world economic ranking, to the detriment of Italy which recedes to eighth position and England, which goes to seventh. In nine years the South American country has climbed six positions in the world ranking.

Read what Graziano Messana, Managing Partner GM Venture, said in an interview with Economy Mag.

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